Genshiken (げんしけん)
~ A tribute to a group of anime otakus... ~

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We are a group of jovial hobbyists based in Singapore. We share common interests such as Japanese anime and manga, video games, music, good food, photography, IT news and development, electronic gadgetry, and many more.

We have devoted our leisure time to activities such as keeping up with latest news and development of Japanese subcultures -- anime, manga, and games. Inspired from the anime/manga titled, Genshiken, which illustrates the lives of a group of otakus, whom have showed their indulgence and passion for their hobbies. We share the same sentiments as portrayed in the anime/manga and have decided to name our humble group after the anime, Genshiken, which comes from an original and longer version of the name, Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyuukai. Its equivalent English translation is, "The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture". For more about the Genshiken anime, you may be interested to look it up at this URL, or just Google it :D. We are nothing like the characters featured in the anime. We are a group which consists of not more than ten members and unlike the anime, we have no female otakus. It is rare to have female otakus in our country, but I'm sure there are a handful of them but they are unknown to us. We have friends that are part of this binding circle but do not claim themselves as otakus, merely interest. This web site was initiated, designed and developed to exalt the unrelenting spirit of our group.

Feel free to browse the site and if you feel like you want to make suggestions, opinions, critique about the site or anything else under the sky, do drop me an email to Zman (